Ageless Fitness

Ageless Fitness

Ageless Fitness was founded with a sincere desire to provide clinical adaptive fitness to older adults. As the population of the US ages, there is an immense need for fitness programs that can be tailored to an aging individual's need to introduce or reintroduce daily exercise. Ageless Fitness provides a franchise system that is very simple to startup, operate, and grow.
Ageless Fitness offers both a functional fitness studio with many layouts to fit an investors budget and a fitness program that is specific to our target clients. We offer comprehensive training and ongoing support in sales, management training, and daily operations.
As people age, there can be many cognitive and physical conditions that develop over time. People need exercise in their daily lives to help slow the progression of many of these conditions. Due to limited resources, there are very few fitness programs that focus on our aging population. Ageless Fitness is here to solve that problem.

Ageless FitnessAgeless Fitness
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