The Knight School

The Knight School

5 Top Ways TKS supports Business Owners:

1. Educator Established and Proven Content: When you start a TKS Business, you get a nationally standardized curriculum that was created by veteran classroom educators in 2007 and since has been honed and proven year after year and in location after location.

2. Packaged Lessons: Every lesson for every age group throughout every single week of the school year and summer has been packaged and can be digitally accessed by TKS owners.

3. Business Training: When you are starting out, TKS will take you from A to Z to make sure you are equipped and ready. We cover everything from sales to customer service and from classroom management to training of your own future staff.

4. Chess Training: We don't assume you even know how to name the pieces when you start. If you want to help kids and you have the qualifications listed later on this webpage, we will teach you the chess you'll need to get started during our onboarding process.

5. Consultation and Ongoing Support: Helping you succeed at having a thriving business is TKS's #2 priority, only after the wellbeing of the kids themselves. TKS is quick to respond and always willing to go the extra mile.

The Knight SchoolThe Knight School
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